First Day at Our Ministry Sites

I (David) spent the day with Emilio and Paul serving at a local elementary school playing 4-square and learning to play handball. The kids were great and we all enjoyed playing together. Competition doesn’t need a common language! Before we started the handball instruction, we started with a prayer and devotion from Thompson who is great with the kids. He was a semi-pro soccer player so all the kids really look up to him. He went around the circle asking each of the boys (3-5 grade) if the love of Jesus has made an impact in their life. Each had to answer yes or no before we broke up the devotional and started the handball drills. All of them answered yes!

After lunch, we left the school and went to the tutoring area where Lauren and Isabella were helping out, so we got to see the environment they were working in too. More on this later.

Then we went to the home of Maria who has been mentored by one of the Student International girls for about a year and had a bible study with her and her sister. They were very welcoming to us and offered us water and candy while we were there. After about an hour we went to an indoor soccer facility where we played with some high school kids who Thompson has been mentoring for a couple of years which was really a lot of fun. I’m told that this is the first time the volunteers have ever beaten the high school students, and I can tell you from my first goalie experience that they can kick some rockets at the goalie!

When our hour was over, the sky opened up and we had torrential rain as we made our way to the bus stop, and for the rest of the evening as well. We went back to the SI building where we had a chance to buy some products from the women who are in the micro-business ministry where Summer and Mariana were working today. You should be getting an update from them soon.

It’s also been great to get to know the people from Fresno and The Well who know Jerrod. Brad and some elders from The Well will be here on Friday and through the weekend, so we will get to see them too!

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Buenas Diaz (Good day) Shadowbrook!

Today was the first day at our ministry sites. We were all excited to get started and eager to see how God is working here in Costa Rica. We geared up with our coffee, Spanglish, and smiling faces and headed on our way.

God is moving in a huge way here in Costa Rica. Our main goal is to serve and work alongside what is already happening here. Today we had some cool God moments, like when I (Summer) brought a bundle of fabric from home to donate to my site (Microenterprise). Then Kyle told me that my site leader had just asked him to ask the next group (after us) to bring fabric. They were running low. How cool is that?! God already knew the need and we had an opportunity to fill it.

And Lauren, who came thinking she was working in special education but later found out she had been moved to the tutoring center, had a sweet special needs girl, Ruth, pick her out and cling to her. Again, the Lord knew what both Ruth AND Lauren needed.

We experienced our first bus ride (or two), our first trek home in a torrential rainstorm, and first visit to the corner store (La Pulpería) for snacks. The roads were flooded and we were soaked!  It was an exciting first day, to say the least.

God is using our gifts and stretching us far beyond our comfort zones. And this is just the beginning.

Pura Vida! Ciao for now!