Harvest Georgia


  • You can volunteer for more than one night. But you must sign up separately for each night.
  • You could volunteer to serve both in the Prayer Room and for Decision Follow-Up (on the floor at the event) on the same night at the event. But you must register separately for these.
  • Volunteers, once they have signed up to serve, will be sent an e-mail explaining when and where they are to go on the night of the event for which they have volunteered.
  • No training or pre-event meetings are required for volunteers. The only exception is for Decision Follow-Up Workers, who must watch a video and answer a few questions – both of which are on the Georgia.Harvest.org website.
  • If you wish to volunteer as an usher, you may serve in one of three roles:
    1. Captain (10 captains will have multiple supervisors reporting to them and will be required to be there each night of the event.)
    2. Supervisor (over multiple sections)
    3. Usher (assigned to a section)
  • Being a Decision Follow-Up Worker at the event is a great opportunity for husbands and wives to serve to together – particularly when a husband and wife come to the decision floor together.
  • Three Night Event
    • 12,000 people will attend each night
    • largest evangelical event in Gwinnett history
    • 3,000 volunteers from local churches needed
  • Georgia.Harvest.org
  • Invite and attend with your non-Christian friends and relatives. This event is directed towards non-Christians, and is not primarily intended to be a worship event for Christians.
  • Volunteer to serve
    • Five opportunities to serve at the event
    • In addition, Alex Croxton will lead a Discipleship Follow-Up Team that will contact those that made decisions at the event.
    • You can find out more information and can register to serve at the event at https://www.harvest.org.
    • Contact Alex at  croxtona@yahoo.com  if you wish to serve on the Discipleship Follow-Up Team.