Orientation Day

Tuesday morning we headed to the SI office to begin orientation. We met the team we are serving alongside from The Well Church Fresno and several members of the SI staff.
Orientation began with the start of our study in 2 Timothy. Diego, a Tiko staff member, shared his story and encouraged us to open our hearts and minds to the work of Jesus during our stay.
Jeff, the SI country director, spent the morning acclimating our team to the Costa Rican culture. We did several team building exercises to demonstrate cultural differences and how we perceive other cultures. He explained that we will have moments of frustration, confusion, and embarrassment but encouraged us to push through those moments and have a sense of humor. Cultural differences are not good or bad, just different. This is important for us to remember.
After lunch, we spent time with Kyle, learning more about Costa Rica, our host families, customs, and culture. Here are some interesting facts about Costa Rica:
  • It’s currently winter and rainy season here. It rains daily between 3:00-4:00 pm.
  • Costa Rican people are referred to as Tikos and Tikas.
  • Pura Vida means, literally, the pure life.
  • Costa Rica has no military. It was abolished to use the money for clean water and education. They value peace.
  • Costa Rica is known for its delicious coffee.
  • Tikos love soccer!
We loved learning more about this amazing country and are ready to hit our ministry sites tomorrow. Thanks for following along!
Pura Vida! Ciao for now!

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