Travel Day

Monday we arrived at the airport around 2:45 pm after a delicious lunch at Johnny’s pizza. When we arrived, David dropped the team at the international terminal and headed to the rental car return. The team got into the very long Delta check-in line. Meanwhile, David was stuck in a parking lot because the rental van was too tall to pass through the overhead clearance. We waited almost an hour before getting to the counter (Summer and Kendall were sweating). David was still not to the international terminal. We began checking in with two God sent Delta agents. We were informed that some international cities have baggage charges that we were unaware of and San Jose was one of them. David was still not there. At this point, we had racked up a significant amount of baggage fees. The last person set their suitcase on the scale and IN RUNS DAVID! He made it, just in the nick of time! We knew if he didn’t arrive before we left the counter, he would probably miss our flight. Just before paying for the baggage, the sweet Delta agent who shared her heart for missions found a way to comp our baggage! Our Lord is faithful. This was a beautiful reminder that He is in control of every single detail of our trip and that we need to trust in His timing and plan. God is so good.

We arrived in San Jose safely! Everyone is settled into their host homes and we are all excited for orientation to begin Tuesday morning!

Pura vida! Ciao for now!

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