Equipping Classes

February 12 - March 19  |  9:00 am

We have 5 class options to include all adults, Middle School, and HIgh School. There will be no Sunday morning life groups during these 6 weeks.

The King Triumphs (Part 6 of Kingdom Come)

March 5  |  10:30 am

The King Triumphs, the last subseries of our series in Matthew called Kingdom Come, begins this Sunday. We're excited to finish out this book and see the power of God become evident for all who believe.

Dream Workshop

March 26 & April 2  |  9:00 am

The Shadowbrook Staff is planning and preparing for the next ministry year (2023-2024). We want to invite you in! Join us these two weeks and help bring ideas to the table for the church. For the first workshop, we will think about when we "gather." Our first workshop will focus on the worship gathering, kids, students, groups, and equipping. In the second workshop, we will think about when we "go" and focus on our community, mission sponsors, networks, and international opportunities. Sign up today, and we'll send you an agenda for the morning of the workshop.


Thanks for making time to dream together.


Silent Saturday

April 8  |  6:30 pm

This will be a time of fellowship, music, prayer, and scripture reading. We'll gather in worship and observe the Saturday when God seemed silent. That day when Jesus’ body was sealed in a tomb, and all hope felt lost. Though God seemed silent, his plan was about to be revealed to his people.


Together, under Christ’s name, we will remember that, even when God seems silent, he is working out his plan for his glory and for our good. We'll worship while we wait because we know that Christ will come again in victory.

Easter at Shadowbrook

April 9  |  9:00 & 10:30 am

Come and celebrate Easter Sunday with us at Shadowbrook! We'll have two services, 9:00 & 10:30 am and Kids programming all morning. Bring the whole family! Your kids can attend the service with you or have a great time in our interactive Kids worship. Pick from either powerful worship experience and invite friends and family. If this is your first time at Shadowbrook, plan your visit!

Gospel Living Under Pressure

April 16 - May 14  |  9:00 am

Drawing from Natasha Crain’s book, Faithfully Different, this 5-week class aims to equip Christians to believe, think, and live biblically amidst a culture that is increasingly hostile to Jesus and those who follow him. Such hostility translates into increasing pressure and difficulty, yet, when prepared, those challenges can be transformed into beautiful opportunities for Christ and His gospel to shine brighter. Buying/Reading the book is optional, not required.

Women's Retreat

April 21, 7 pm - April 23, 12 pm

We're headed to Springhill Suites in Greenville, SC for our annual women's retreat. The topic of our weekend is Fight Your Fears: Trusting God’s Character and Promises when You are Afraid. Our speaker, Kristen Wetherell, will help us learn how to fight our fears by growing in the greatest fear—the fear of the Lord—and search out God’s great and precious promises which will equip us to trust him more.

Dudes-n-Disc Golf

April 29

Save the date! Check back next week!


Come to play in the tournament or to hang out and get to know some other guys you've seen around Shadowbrook.

Discover Shadowbrook

April 30 & May 7  |  9 am

We offer this class, led by Jerrod Rumley (Lead Pastor), for anyone interested in learning more about Shadowbrook and what it means to become a church member. We would also love current members to feel free to come to get a refresher!


Town Hall

May 21   |  9:00 am

A time to discuss the plans and church business for the Summer.


Woodlands Freestyle Camp

June 12-16, 2023  |  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Woodlands Camp will pack up and come to our campus for this epic, unforgettable week. (Ages 5-11)

FUGE Student Summer Camp

June 26 - 30  |  Carson Newman University

At some point in our lives, we have all struggled with our image - what we look like, who we really are, how we fit in, what we stand for. As humans, we are uniquely created in the image of God. If you believe this to be true, what does that mean for your life and others around you? As Christians, we are called to bear this image like Christ did on earth. Therefore, we are called to live as a new creation, one who is set apart and is a reflection of the God who created us and loves us. (6th –11th Grade Students)



Stay up to date with all of the church happenings going on throughout the month! Make sure to check back from time to time, as we are always up to something!